Saturday, April 12, 2014

Is Big Brother Watching?

 The headlines have been filled with reports of the NSA and the fact they are listening to our phones. But not nearly enough people are realizing the real truth.

Not only is 'Big Brother' listening, but he is reading and watching every step that is being made.

Social media has become a part of nearly everyone's lives, whether it is a good thing or not is still to be seen. But when people are posting up things that are better left behind closed doors, the results are arrests, loss of jobs, divorce, and in some cases the loss of their children.

First, be careful what you place into the virtual world for the world to see. You never know who is watching or how they will see what you have posted. It could be an innocent post but seen in a terrible way by many people.

It is not just the idiots who post they have robbed someone or some place, it is not just the dregs of humanity who post their abuse of another person, and it is not just a cute post of a child doing something they should not be.

There are those out there who obviously live in states where marijuana is not legal for medical or recreational purposes, posting pictures of themselves smoking. Or pictures of their marijuana gardens when the world sees plainly it is in a state that sees it as illegal.

While we have all seen the shows about the "World's Stupidest Crimes" or the "Stupidest Criminals", there are those who are still doing pretty crazy things by posting such incriminating things for all to see.

So truly each time you decide to place a picture or a comment on your pages think about it, is this something you do not mind being out there for the world to see, forever? IF it is not something you would show to anyone then maybe you should rethink the post button.

Now it is not only these times that the world is watching. "Big Brother" is beginning to get carried away with their overbearing watching of the American public.

Recently, Huffington Post reported on a raid done by the DEA on an Illinois home. Their alleged reason was the fact that the woman who lived there had purchased what was believed to be things used for indoor growing. Now obviously, the DEA assumed if anyone was growing indoors it had to be marijuana. I mean what on earth would you be growing indoors if it was not weed?

I have no idea if they realize that people actually grow flowers and vegetables indoors or not, but the incident would have me to believe they do not feel that happens.

Huffington Post reports:
"I bought a bottle of organic fertilizer, a 16-ounce bottle," said Kirking, a 46-year-old face-paint artist. "Three weeks later I was raided by DEA."
The DEA is refusing to answer questions about the law enforcement operation targeting an Illinois garden store that has netted Kirking and at least 10 other people. But Kirking and her lawyer contend it's a case of misplaced priorities and federal overreach. They're asking why the DEA is treating ordinary customers of a garden store selling hydroponic equipment as if they were major drug dealers.
The Oct. 11, 2013, raid on Kirking's house, first reported by Patch, involved four DEA agents and five Shorewood, Ill., police officers, according to a police report. Its alleged yield from Kirking's art room, whose entrance is guarded by beads: 9.3 grams of marijuana, or less than one-third of an ounce.

So it would seem that not only are we losing more rights as citizens, but we need to be aware of what we purchase at hydroponics stores. Because again "Big Brother" is watching.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Kettle Calling POT Black, Medical and Marijuana Do Go Together

Medical marijuana. Two words that seem so simple but for the most part the world sees them as a joke. There are those who constantly say people “with hang nails” are applying for cards for medical marijuana, insinuating that the illnesses that people claim to have are entirely bogus.
I am ashamed to say at one point in life I was among those who felt that anyone with a made up illness was running to smoke weed and that the words medical marijuana were simply a front for the world of stoners.

Boy have my eyes been opened. I now see that the world of people suffering from everything from cancer to depression are finding help in this truly beautiful little plant. I spent my entire life taking pharmaceutical medications that the legitimate Doctors prescribed in the hopes I would be what they called normal. What is normal? Well the world suffers from things. It may not be cancer but each of us have situations that call for help in the medical world.

So why is the use of this plant that literally can grow wild such a mixed up mess with everyone? Why are those who feel anyone who has it in their life is a truly bad person. A person they do not want their children to be corrupted by? Yet, those same people do not feel that someone who drinks is a corrupting influence. Or even those who take medications from their physician.

Corruption by definition from Wikipedia is “spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal”. Now just how does the belief in this plant, a God given plant, fall under that definition?

I am proud to say I am enlightened and no longer live in an ignorant state where marijuana is concerned.

No, I am not pushing weed at those who do not want it and I am not advocating the use by minors. I merely am pointing out that in this period of history marijuana is working literal miracles in people’s lives when it comes to their medical conditions. 

Now I can see plainly all the harm that the legal pharmaceuticals have done to me personally and I see so many others in the same boat I was in. Living with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, 2 pinched nerves, bone spurs, arthritis, chronic migraines, and stomach problems, let alone the fact I am Bi-polar, has left me with many problems that have been accelerated by the pharmaceutical world.
For me living without that pile of pills was something I longed for, something I dreamed about. But how can we learn to handle the pain or control the other problems without some kind of help?

Well, I have found a way to handle my pain and to control my emotional well-being. I still don’t like to smoke (never have liked the smoke in my face) but in the world of edibles I have found a way to live a good life.

Candy allows me to control my anxiety and keep me on a level playing field with the rest of the world. I no longer look to pills to help with the chronic insomnia, I eat a brownie or a cookie when I can’t sleep. So am I one of the ‘hang nail’ generation? If you want to look at me like that, then I guess I am.

Truth is, when you see people taking the legal medicines they pick up at the local pharmacy I see many that are just hooked on the pills. I see so many that are hypochondriacs longing for attention, but I do see those in need.

Our world has gotten so bad that the ones who need help are not the ones getting help. The ones getting help are the ones that give ill people a bad name.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Country That Has Turned Their Back On The Bill Of Rights or Just A Country Divided?

The United States has always been held up as the best country in the world. And as far as the citizens are concerned, I am sure most of us will scream "Hell Yeah". I mean we are a country where people literally float on anything across shark infested water, cross deserts and mountains, pay enormous prices to be smuggled into, and will leave their families just for the opportunity to live in this great country.

Immigration has been as much a part of our past as anything and will remain that way forever. Unless a giant bubble dome is placed over the country not allowing anyone in or out. People will continue to dream of living the American dream.

So why are so many who are born to the United States taking this honor for granted? Why are we sitting back while it seems that our elected politicians are forgetting the Bill of Rights?

Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Amendment II
A well=regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Okay so right in the beginning of these Bill of Rights, as set forth from our founding fathers, clearly states freedom of religion, speech, the press, right to assemble, and the right to petition the Government in address of grievances. The second amendment states; our freedom to keep and bear Arms (guns) and that right shall not be infringed.

So when the world reads these statements how can there be any questions as to the meanings? Yet, the debate grows everyday with people wanting to forget they were given to us as a brand new country with a brand new government.

Our ancestors fought and many gave their lives because they wanted to pass this freedom onto to the rest of the country and to their future children. But in our world we see multiple cases where the simple freedom of speech is removed.

Now true that there are instances where this freedom of speech actually comes out of the mouths of people who care so little for the rest of humanity that their words cut like a knife. But they do have the right to speak, some should just use common sense and decency before they use the freedom.

Strangely enough the one place where more people stop the freedom of speech or press comes when marijuana is brought into the picture. As a publication that has Marijuana in the name we see this freedom robbed from us many times a day. Most places will not allow advertising from us simply because of the word, they never take the time to see past those 9 little letters.

Facebook, Adsense, are just two of the places that feel the simple use of the word promotes illegal activity.

I just shake my head anymore as to the prejudice that this so-called enlightened world still holds against this simple plant.

First, for all those who forget it, marijuana is a slang word. Cannabis is the plant. This is a naturally growing plant, not one chemically engineered. It is not a drug, it is a plant.

When those thoughts are brought up, it makes one wonder why the plant valerian isn't illegal? After all this is a natural valium, so in the same sense why one and not the other? I know that the world sees valium as having medical value, but in a world where I see multitudes of patients, I see far more harm from valium than I do marijuana.

But our world removes the freedom to openly stand up and speak what is exactly on your mind. So why is there such a problem when someone does stand up and speak their mind? Why are we no longer allowed? Everything that comes out of mouths must be censored, in the attempt to not offend someone.

Okay so I am first in line when it comes to not intentionally hurting another person’s feelings, but does that mean I want everyone to stop telling the truth? No, absolutely not. I would much rather someone tell me to my face their opinions, rather than wait till my back is turned.

And I am sure most of the world would agree. But why have we moved so far away from the freedom that our country fought for all those years ago? Shouldn’t we be fighting to get it back? Isn’t freedom the reason our military is fighting and dying?

In The War On Drugs Shouldn't We Be Searching The Medicine Cabinet

Marijuana. Just a simple mixture of 9 letters, but the world hears so many different things. There are those who hear nothing but the pure evil they feel this little word symbolizes. Then there are the more open minded who are able to see past the evil connotations and into a world of wonder.

Whether you add medical or recreational to this word there will be people give their own opinion on the degradation of the human race all because of this one little word. How they can blame just one thing for all the evil that exists in mankind is a complete mystery, yet it happens.

So let's look at the reality. Marijuana is fully legal as far as Colorado and Washington are concerned. It is a medical alternative in 20 states and even in the District of Columbia, while 13 have pending legislation on the matter, so the question comes up "What's the deal?"

How can it be that our Politicians reside in a location that allows medical marijuana, while many of them are denying children (and adults) in their home states no medical marijuana? No logic in any of this, but it still happens.

Our country seems embroiled knee deep in this war on drugs that pinpoints marijuana above any other drug. While, the facts that if you really want drugs (and I am not talking about weed) people need to go no farther than to their medicine cabinet. If you have a child most of you will have access to Ritalin, probably one of the most popular drugs for those wanting to get high. Or maybe you are one who has access to the pain narcotic, Vicodin.

Both of those seem to top the list of illegal drug use for people wanting to get stoned. How can the world still look at marijuana as the evil thing when they never see the bad that the 'legal' drugs are causing?

Looking at the difference is remarkable, marijuana in its many forms is bringing help to those who are in desperate need. It helps cancer patients with their chemo treatments, it is helping autistic children to be a part of their families, it is giving those with chronic pain a natural substitute and still the world says this is an evil thing.

How can something that helps ONE single person be a bad thing? How can those sit in judgment of things they do not understand? How?