Monday, October 27, 2014

Truth Continuing Series: Judge Not Least You Be Judged

Now I want to place some thought on the truth about illness. This world is filled with many who claim to be sick for reason of getting attention, a notion that completes alludes me. It is those individuals that make up one reason truly ailing people have trouble getting real help.

Our world is a strange place. For such a technologically and scientifically advanced society we are consumed with so many ailments, diseases and problems that can't be just medicated away.

Medical problems, whether they are cancer, pain, or disease, truly doesn't care if you are rich, poor or famous. They come to all families no matter the economic circumstances. So that leaves us discussing how we each deal with the problem when it comes calling on our door.

Sitting back judging the rest of the world is easy, when the problem has never knocked on the door of your own home. Why judge others in situations where you have no experience is a conundrum to me.

How can people sit back condemning a person dealing with cancer the right or the privilege to use medical marijuana as a way to cope? How could anything that eases a person's suffering be ever considered to be illegal or evil?

As in:

Luke 6:31
“Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven;

The Bible teaches us to not judge others, but does that stop the human race? No, everywhere you turn there are people condemning others for the things they do. Is anyone of those who judge perfect? No, because perfection in the human race is an impossibility.

People are flawed. That is a given. Still the judging continues.

Truth. No one medicine works the same on every person on the planet. If it did why do we have the multitudes of pharmaceuticals? Not every antibiotic, pain reliever, nor other medication is used on all the people. Depending on which Doctor you visit, what city you live in, what region of the world; every one of those things will govern what medications are prescribed.

That being said, who are we to tell the person beside us that they should not take Tylenol simply because we prefer Advil? Or Ibuprofen or any one of the countless other meds.

Should I tell the man who lives across the road that he needs to take the same high blood pressure medicine as I do simply because I don't like what he takes?

None of those instances should give another person the right to judge what ways an ailing person medicates.

Now comes the dialogue on medical marijuana. Should someone have the right to tell another that they don't like marijuana so you as a chronic pain sufferer or cancer patient that this is not something you can use? How is that right?

Illness, pain, and suffering are part of the world as we know it, and the right to medicate if you so desire is also that right. Medical marijuana has a place in that world just as Viagra, Cialis, and others in the world of Erectile Dysfunction. Those drugs are used out of a choice, medical marijuana should be given the same treatment.

I have heard many arguments from those who do not believe that marijuana is a medicine, many of which change their minds when one of the ailments that marijuana is perfect for aiding comes into their lives. Funny how when the shoes on the other foot a new way of thinking comes into play.

It is just my desire that before judging others we all look into the mirror and realize we can not speak for all the other human beings on this planet. We are all individuals and we should have the right and the privilege to use a natural form of medicating if we so desire.

Marijuana is not a chemical that was designed in a lab by a pharmaceutical company, it is a plant that grows naturally. 

Remember that a person using marijuana for any reason does not make them an evil person. Do not judge others, least you be judged yourself.

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Here is a concept on truth that seems to elude the world at large.

Halloween candy horrors. During the 60's we would roam the entire town (with adult supervision) gathering all sorts of treats and goodies. From the popcorn balls that Jeanette Edwards treated us with to out absolute delight, to little cereal boxes, candy apples, oranges, and the delicious array of chocolate heaven.

Then the unthinkable happened, our local news station reported that somewhere a child had gotten an apple with a razorblade inside. How could that happen? My parents and the rest of the parents in town automatically assumed that someone in our little town was going to do that to all the kids.

Now here it is so many, many years later and I have still never known personally anyone who has gotten tainted or razor filled treats. However we all worry every year that our kid will be the one. So each year when Halloween rolls around we fret and worry about where to let our kids trick or treat.

One year I solved the problem by having a little scare on the square in our town. It was so much fun we had games and prizes along with the costume contests. The kids had a complete blast, but so did the adults. The men gathered and patrolled the neighborhoods making sure all was safe.

So instead of roaming around for candy we treated the children. It was so fun watching the pumpkin rolling race as little Dana pushed her pumpkin so hard until she slipped and smashed her nose. The little trooper she was didn't stop her at all.

That was what Halloween is supposed to be like. Fun and lots of laughter. Yet as with all good things they come to an end. And still no one I personally know has yet to get that dreaded tainted candy. Thank heavens, I mean I really and truly do not want to know any one who does. But the point is it hasn't happened.

Now as Halloween arrives once again the stories again come to surface. Only this year we are hearing an entirely new set of horrors. Will the children of Washington and Colorado get the marijuana laced candy that the world is positive they will get?

Okay, so sure these states have legal marijuana no one is arguing that. And the adults who will give candy to the costumed bunch of little trick or treaters do have access to this pot.

But come one world have you seen the prices of that pot? Do you seriously think that the pot they are paying extreme prices per gram is going to be used for the purpose of candy giving on Halloween?

Is it not just as likely that the household that purchase and consume alcohol are going to be giving rum balls and alcohol filled treats to the little tykes? I mean we all at one time or another have seen someone either make or consume alcohol filled goodies.

This seriously doesn't happen. Those individuals who consume marijuana in my experience are just the same as those who don't. We have had the hippie generation since the '60's and I have never known one to fill a child's goody bag with weed.

A probability of someone doing this just to make a point is highly likely, there are a lot of crazy fanatics in this screwed up world that will do anything to make their point. Those ignorant people will do a whatever they can to show the world they are right. Even if it means committing the crime themselves. After all a point is a point. Right?

Do I feel this is a worry that the parents of the legal states should be focusing on? No. Not anymore than they should have since all the states have had legal medical marijuana. People will always have things in their possession that could be harmful to a child if consumed.

Halloween horrors have been a part of our life for so long now and it really comes down to the fact that we should all take care on what houses our child visits. But isn't that obvious? Think of the child molesters and pedophiles that in this world, how many are in the neighborhood where your child is trick or treating?

All the efforts of the media and public to make sure that the dreaded marijuana candy stays out of the hands of the little ones. Where is all the efforts to keep the predators away?

At one time we taught our children to go to a policeman, teacher, or a minister if they were scared or needed help. How many headlines have you seen where those particular people have been found guilty of molesting a child? Sadly, way too many.

So how do we protect our children? We stay vigilant and we watch over their safety the best we can. When they trick or treat, we check the candy and goodies.

The Halloween horror that does exist is the fact that we live in a world that is really not rosy. We exist in a time where our children must be protected from the many different things. Is marijuana laced candy from those they trick or treat, probably not.

My feelings on their getting candy laced with THC does not mean they should eat anything until someone makes sure it is safe. After all there is always the razor blade apple.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. Protect your children and accompany the little ones. These precious little people are our future and if the parents don't protect them, well who will?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth: Pt 2 Marijuana Edibles

So now as this in-depth look at TRUTH continues we will discuss Marijuana Food, Edibles or Medibles.

Maureen Dowd has done her hardest to prove in her opinion to the world that this form of ingesting marijuana is purely evil and more deadly.

This is the new wave of the future in medicating and now recreating with marijuana. Edibles are the straw tasting brownie of our past in the form of a delicious smooth and delectable treat infused with pot. We no longer have to pick the sticks and stems from our teeth when we want the extremely different effects from marijuana edibles.

Now they come in the countless never ending stream of food, from the basic brownie to an entire gourmet meal. Everyone in the marijuana world has seen or has heard of the treats that are available to give us the medicinal relief or total high we are seeking.

Is this the evil present for the new age reefer? Not any more than ever before. While no one will argue that the new edible is a mild form of medicating nor is it something for a novice to dive head on into without first testing the waters.

Anyone who offers a treat to another should inform them of the possibility that it will affect them differently than smoking. Just as using a vaporizer or smoking oil, hash or any number of concentrates is different than the ever present joint.

But does that make it evil? No. The edible is a perfect form for those who do not like to smoke in any form. It is perfect for a longer lasting effect from your ingestion of your pot.

Many who are in the medical marijuana world have been using the edible for as long as medical marijuana has been around. And for most of us it has been around since our youth and the times we all poured the bag of weed into our first batch of brownies.

Sure the process has improved greatly, but the result is getting marijuana into our systems.

Reports are filling the media with stories like Maureen Dowd's and telling "horror" tales about someone who has had a bad experience. While not one story of a wonderful result fills any newspapers. Because when we get down to the truth on edibles, only the horror stories sell papers. And we all know that the end result to truth is always rooted in money.

My personal experience with edibles began with a hatred for smoke. I knew the result that marijuana had on my medical problems. Weighing that against the side effects to the mountains of pharmaceutical drugs I could not pass up the chance to feel good. To feel normal, like everyone else..

Having medical problems is not an easy life. Being Bipolar, suffering severe Panic Disorder, chronic pain and Fibromyalgia is not an easy way to deal with the reality of life. So I was open to the fact that with one little puff I got relief for the pain and I began to get control of my bipolar disorder. Those facts pushed me in the direction of smoking.

Still I didn't like the smoke in my face and didn't like the use of a lighter. Flames of any kind freak me out.

That was when I was introduced to the delicious world of edibles. Now I was seeing the same or maybe even better world of relief with the aid of a cookie. Could it be possible? I was unsure and had absolutely no idea how to do this new form of medicating. My journey began slowly.

Then I had one of those bad experiences, similar to what Maureen Dowd described. I thought I was going to die, I was scared, and finally I got sick. This was horrible. But I knew I had done this to myself.

It was not during the episode that I came to that conclusion, I was too busy accusing Lynn of wanting to kill me. My family thought this was hilarious, of course. I on the other hand did not find it funny. At the time at least. Now, as I look back I too laugh hysterically.

During the time of trial when this occurred I was having such good luck with the edibles I tried that I thought I was a pro. Little did I know but I wasn't, I was still a virtual pot virgin. My teen years did not consist of countless joints, I was the person who took one hit every few years, so my metabolism was fresh.

It was at the hands of the most delicious lemon bar that my insides began to spin out of control. I felt like up was down and down was up. I heard voices, imaged things and ended up throwing my lemon bar up to my relief. When I had gotten sick they put me to bed so I could sleep it off.

After my experience did I blame the world of edibles? No, I blamed my impatience at the time it took to feel an effect from the lemon bar. I couldn't wait 30 minutes to see anything and that caused me to double the dose.

Just as it was the first time I ever got drunk, it wasn't fun. But did I blame the pot any more than I had blamed the beer? No, of course not. It was not the beer that poured itself down my throat nor was it the lemon bar that made me eat the second piece. Even though I will say it was so good, but that is no excuse.

Today I still enjoy the occasional shot of Tequila even though my first drunken experience was unpleasant. And I still prefer to medicate with the edible form, I just remember to give it some time to kick in.

So Maureen Dowd I completely understand that your experience was not fun, but you cannot blame the brownie any more than I can the lemon bar.

Edibles are a perfectly great way to medicate or even to recreate. You should just remember that the edible form of marijuana works completely different than the smoking of a joint. In the thought we realize that no one blames the alcohol industry for the drunken nights people endure. So let us not blame the marijuana industry for someone over doing their own personal consumption.

So how do we handle the problem with kids getting pot edibles and candy? As a parent I have always made sure that any edible is treated like alcohol and my child does not have access. That is just logical on our part.

Will kids still get their hands on them? Sure. Has the past not shown us anything? Kids have been raiding liquor cabinets and getting fake ids forever and they will continue that. We just must do everything in our power to prevent.

Still, when it comes to kids ingesting something wouldn't the world prefer it was something that in the worst case scenario made them feel sick and then put them to sleep? Rather than something like alcohol or prescription drugs that could have a high likelihood of putting at least some of them in a coffin?

 There has been no legitimate death caused by the mere consumption of marijuana, can alcohol and prescription drugs say the same?