Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How To Not Fall Into The Pit of Darkness----DIY Fun To Keep Me Sane

Keeping a mind busy is not an easy thing so I find as many ways as possible to keep my sanity in check. To do that I have spent many years doing crafts and other creative things. For Cole I created this window so he has the bright colors streaming in during the early morning hours. 

I am very happy to say he loves it. He spends a lot of time just staring at the images with a very wonderful smile on his face. The ultimate prize for any mother is that sweet smile.

The symbols of Yoshi, a minion, plants vs zombies characters, and the many minecraft characters were a ball to paint. Especially knowing the look on his face when he saw them. 

For me keeping this creative flow going was part of the reason I immersed myself in reading and writing from the time I was a small girl. I love falling into the imaginative story world where the possibilities are endless.

That world can be all sweet and innocent, where families love and care for one another. Or it can be a fantasy world so outlandish that you are blown away. But some of my favorite stories are the ones I have to think about, a good who-dun-it to keep my mind fresh.

Whatever you do to help keep yourself sane is a great thing, so find an outlet. Maybe it is something you can make money from, if that is the case then go for it. Extra money is always good.

Or if you are just a creative person who loves to paint, write, or build then jump up and add wonderful things to this cold dark world.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas is Cancelled, Suicidal Days and Red Lights

The Holidays, a time for looking back at distant memories and hopefully working toward making new ones. But for a large part of society this is the worst time of the year. While it has often been thought that this time of year is the leading time of suicides, that may well be a myth. According to the CDC the rate of suicides actually falls during the Christmas season only to rise in the spring and fall. ( )

Whatever the time of year for someone to take their own life really doesn't matter. The truth is that the Christmas season is a very difficult time of year. Everyone is stressed about buying presents that they probably can't afford, spending time with family they would rather not, and then there is the thoughts of tax season following on the heels of all the money spent on Christmas.

So the stress not only starts but is piled upon like a stack of Jenga blocks just waiting for the wrong pull and then it all falls to a crumpled heap. Sure you will see some doing their best to put smiles on their faces because they so desperately want to be happy. But are they happy? I highly doubt it.

In recent media we have been seeing the headlines about a couple who cancelled Christmas for their kids because they want to teach them to appreciate what they have. ( ). Okay in this instance I can agree, the youth of today really have no idea how to appreciate or work for what they get.

We have moved into a society that gives and gives to our kids. Don't get me wrong I am a parent that gives a lot to my own, but I strive to teach them the value of everything. And for the most part it has worked out. Cole has a great sense of what things are worth and takes such good care of them.

Still when I hear this story I am reminded of a time when our own kids were little. Our great-nephew is just 4 months younger than our oldest and he was an only child. His dad (our nephew) and his wife, for lack of a better word to call her, weren't able to afford presents for him. It wasn't because they didn't have the money, it was because they weren't willing to give up their partying habits for him.

I will never forget the day he came running up to me and Lynn crying his little heart out. We asked him what was wrong. His little voice could barely whisper that his mama had told him Santa wasn't coming because he was a bad boy.

It was so awful to see the pain in his eyes as he told us how he must have been such a bad boy, cause Santa loved everyone. I was furious and confronted his parents, they said well they just couldn't spare the money so they thought this would be better for him. Needless to say he had a Christmas that year, because we provided for him.

So if this Mother wants to cancel Christmas my only hope is that she is very plan with her children as to why. Telling a child they are so bad that Santa will not come is an awful scar I am not sure will heal. If she handles it right then it could be a valuable lesson, so I guess time will tell.

For me this season is really not about presents, even though I adore giving them. It is about being grateful for my life and my family. Other than that I just love the lights and all the bright red colors. What can I say I am a sucker for decorations.

You see it has always been those colors and decorations that keeps me semi-sane this time of year. Even as a child I relied on the beauty to help me keep a grip on the mania and depression that just lies beneath the surface for me. I can completely get lost in a Christmas tree by just staring at it for hours.

I still have trouble during the holidays, which is something I have come to grips with. It is a difficult time for me, because of all the memories of people no longer here or who have passed away and that is hard. I miss them all so much and it is beyond my control.

Sure I will probably always have those truly deep dark moments during the Christmas season that threaten to drag me to the pits of hell, but that is just how it is.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Truth: Journey to MMJ Patient from Naive Kid to Troubled Teen and Beyond

The journey for me to a point where I could actually take a puff of a joint was a long, hard struggle. I had the voices of so many in my head telling me this was wrong, this was illegal and it would send me straight to hell.

But those same voices were no where to be found when I was in such a deep depression as a teen that all I wanted to do was leave this life. None of them were doing anything for me during those deep dark times. Yet, they still had such a hold on me that I could not get past the low self-esteem they brought out in me.

Sure I had lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, but none of them really made me feel worthy of breathing the same air as they did. And all the time I thought it was me. I kept telling myself if I were better, if I were prettier, if I were smarter then it would be better. It never mattered that I was an honor student, salutatorian of my 8th grade class, nor did it matter that I was in Who's Who Among American High School Students. I never really did enough.

I tried, oh how I tried. I played all sports and tried to excel in all of them. I was all-star and on the A team when my other class mates were on the B team. Yet it still wasn't enough. During practice our coach would have us do 100 line sprints, but Daddy who was in the stands watching insisted I do an extra 100. Because as he put it, I could and well it would help me. So I did.

Then as I practiced my long jumps, Daddy didn't think I got enough height so he helped me practice. His idea of helping me height was to hold a shovel out that I had to jump over. Needless to say I have multiple scars and knots on my shins from the times I never made enough height.
For those who wonder, I did get better at my long jumps. It was that 'motivation' that made me get better. Was it right? Probably not, but it was all he knew. Do I hate him for doing it? No, he tried. Was it right to have done it? No. It was just the way things were. He pushed me and he pushed me hard. Turned me into a competitive person who really isn't good at losing. So maybe it was a great thing when you put it that way.

At that time in my life, no it was not a good thing. It was just another time I felt inferior to the rest of the world. As I brought home perfect grades and honors for excellence, Larry brought home grades that just were above failing. And he was the one praised. It only added fuel to the fire inside of me that said I wasn't worth anything.

It was those thoughts that haunted me whenever I tried to feel 'normal'. But what the doctors don't tell you when you are bipolar is that you will never truly feel like the 'normal' that other people feel. At this point in my life all I felt was in the way and useless.

My life was definitely not what the world saw. I am sure that no one I knew at that time knew I was in such a deep darkness that I thought of death all the time. I worried too much about letting anyone know. It was just another thing that made me feel like I was in the way and if I did go through with killing myself it would only aggravate them farther.

My first nervous breakdown was at 5. Sure you are wondering exactly what the hell could make a five year old break down like that. But for me it was a Teacher or sub who called me a liar, then she grabbed me and shook me so hard. It caused me to go deep into another world simply because I truly didn't know that people lied. I thought if you said it then it was true and I thought the whole world was that way.

Boy did I learn the hard way that wasn't true. Then in the 3rd grade I had another break where I was terrified to ride the bus because a Senior in High School had pulled my hair so hard he pulled a bald spot. I broke down in fear again.

These moments were just starts and stops on the road of anti-psychotic drugs and massive anti-depressants. It began with Lithium at 5 and I took it for nearly 4 years. Now that was Lithium in the 60's and it was Strong. I was more of a little zombie than a child.

It didn't make the feelings go away nor did it stop the nightmares or the depression. That only led to many other pharmaceutical attempts to 'cure' me of my affliction. An affliction that my parents just knew could be prayed out of me. It was something they often told me was only in my head and I needed to get over it.

Bipolar disorder unfortunately is not something you can just GET OVER. But that was the way they thought and that was life for me. Would I ever feel like I belonged anywhere?

In my head it feels like it was just yesterday that I would sit on the cabinet while Mama would crush the lithium pill so I could get it down. I had an over active fear of choking so I couldn't swallow the thing whole.

This was my life growing up. Taking pills, hiding in the closet when I went manic, every extreme emotion imaginable, and always being told to keep this from anyone. When I asked if they were ashamed of me, my parents always said no. But their eyes spoke otherwise. So I hid it.

I hid nearly all of me from the world as a kid. Even when I wrote in my diary I hid my true feelings because my cousin liked to read my diary. And I didn't want to say anything that would be truly honest for her to read. So I wrote what I thought she wanted me to.

Having grown up like this, how would I ever turn to what they thought was the Devil's weed to help me? How would I ever do anything that would make them think less of me? So I continued the years of pills, because they wanted me to do that. It didn't matter that those same pills made me feel awful and there are just empty holes in my mind from those bad years that I do not remember.
Any time I would start to fall into a state that they didn't feel comfortable with the Doctor would give me something new or add to the dose of what I was on. Pill after pill I took until I really felt I would turn into a pill. But still I traveled on in the world of being sad and longing all the time for something better. Would it ever come my way? I honestly didn't think so. For me I thought this was as good as it got. After all why was I even here?

Little did I know that the crazy, wild 'pot head' that would come into my life at a time when I needed him most would be the saving grace I needed.

That fateful first date was the true beginning of my life. I was born to be married to my other half, the half that would teach me sanity (or at least as much sanity as I am capable of) and the part that would eventually teach me that the evil reefer of my family was a saving grace in itself.

Stay tuned for more on this journey of enlightenment as I learn that marijuana is a superb alternative for me and it was the miracle that helped Lynn after his head injury. This was a long and hard journey for me, but I am blessed to have traveled it so far.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Truth: Journey to Belief Marijuana Will Not Send Me To Hell

For me the truth about marijuana was what I was taught from a small age. Living in the middle of the Bible Belt with a Pentecostal Preacher as a Grandfather, you can imagine what I was taught.

Stay away from the Devil's weed, only lazy good for nothing blooming idiots smoked that stuff, if you get near it you will go to hell, and so many other things it is mind blowing.

So I stayed away, honestly in complete fear that if I so much as saw the plant that you dared not speak the name of, if I saw it then I automatically would be drawn into it's evil grasp. So the fear grew inside of me like an illness.

When we would pass someone (this was the 60's remember) on the street that was a hippie, Daddy would go into his whole 'blooming idiot' routine of disapproval. And being raised to listen to everything my elders told me as the absolute gospel truth, I shook in fear of those evil people.

But when it came to hearing the actual word marijuana, I was in 9th grade when a law enforcement friend of Daddy's came to school. He brought in a small plant to show us exactly what marijuana looked like. I was mesmerized that he even brought such an evil and scary object to school.

I remember rushing home that night to tell Mama and she said well that's nice he showed you. Okay so I was totally confused at why she wasn't more upset that this evil thing had gotten so close to me. But what did I know I was still a kid.

Being that kid I had learned earlier in life not to question Mama or speak back to her, so I let it drop. Her hand slapping the crap out of me when I was about 9 for saying "good God almighty I will do it in a minute" still felt fresh on my cheek. So saying anything I felt was disrespectful was not an option.

As this was the background of my knowledge to this evil plant it was no wonder that my coming to a point of enlightenment wasn't easy.

Then I fell in love. Wouldn't you know it, I fell for a 'pot head'. Part of me was horrified and part of me wondered if this meant I was going to hell. But you can't always choose who your soul mate will be.

For years I worried, I begged and I fretted. But to no avail, he absolutely saw no harm in smoking weed. And he tried and tried to get me to see what he saw. But I fought back. Sure I had tried it in the months before we married, but I kept my mind in control and never had let myself get stoned. I refused, somehow I felt that if I didn't get high then the Devil's weed wouldn't drag me to the pits of hell.

Maybe it was the Bill Clinton theory, I didn't inhale. I don't know, but it was what kept me from losing my mind. It seemed more and more of the people I knew smoked weed. And it was getting harder to believe that they were going to hell simply because of the weed.

Yet, my Pentecostal upbringing kept those thoughts firmly in place. So I continued to fight Lynn begging him to stop.

Even, though many years later (and multiple accidents for Lynn later) I began to see that if he had weed to smoke then he felt better. My mind was so confused, how could this evil plant make him feel better?

Still I fought him whenever he said it would help me. Being Bipolar I had been on anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs since I was 5. He kept telling me that one little puff would do more for me than all the drugs from my doctor combined.

My logical mind kept screaming NO how could they? I was still in the belief that what the doctor gave me was the best, because they were doctors. Right? It had to be better. And they were legal.

But honestly, I have never taken any one of the drugs from my doctor that truly helped me. I still had manic episodes, I still had deep depression at times, and even though I was on them in High School I had suicidal moments. So were they better? You would have thought my intelligence would have led me to believe they weren't doing anything for me.

Join this blog for the continuing journey.  Walk with me in this new light.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


To help celebrate the Holiday Season I want to offer to the readers of the world a copy of Destiny's First Embrace absolutely free of charge. For a limited time only get the tale of love, romance, intrigue, Indians, betrayal all wrapped up in a neat package.

Excerpt from novel-------

Standing in the doorway Joshua stopped to stare once again at the vision before his eyes. Megan’s wet dress clung to every curve of her luscious young body promising a deep passion. Wet wispy curls were around her face forming a halo of pure fire and her lips still glistened with the moisture of the raindrops just longing to be kissed away. The raging fire in his body threatened to overwhelm him, but he knew he had to go slow.
Unconscious of the effect she was having on Joshua, Megan licked her lips slowly in a very seductive way. Then running her hands down the long lines of her body she began to undo the buttons of her dress.
Joshua felt his willpower fail as she slipped the sodden dress from her silken flesh letting it flutter to the floor. Just as it hit the floor Megan meekly reached for the blanket to cover herself, when Joshua began to slowly walk toward her.

Truth Continues: Yes Virginia Medical Marijuana Does Exist

First to the population that has not watched CNN's special Weed Cannabis Madness 1 &2 I say get your head out of the sand and do it right now. Then I challenge each of you (especially the ones who have children) to look at one of the patients and tell them they can't have marijuana because you don't approve. Or should I say the Federal Government doesn't approve.

So go ahead look into the eyes of little Charlotte Figi or Vivian Wilson, or truly anyone of the thousands of children who are benefiting or could benefit from the use of cannabis oil, now that you are looking into those innocent, suffering eyes Tell them no. Tell them because you don't believe of the benefits and the Federal Government says no, you tell those sweet darlings that they can't have one thing, a plant that helps them.

I have watched that show at least 10 times and it never fails to bring me to tears. When I see the pain those children and their families go through it literally breaks my heart. And I become so outraged that my family says I go into my preaching mode.

It is just so hard for me to see how anyone could possibly not see the benefit that marijuana/ cannabis oil is having in the lives of these little children. My tears flow like rain when I think of all those who are denied relief simply because others don't like it. It is a great conundrum to me trying to figure out how anyone could not see that anytime something helps a suffering individual it is a great thing.

Methadone, Oxycontin, Vicodin, tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, and the millions of other pharmaceutical chemicals have helped people at times. And even though you will find side effects from these drugs that include: uncontrollable anal leakage, heart attack, severe dependency, stroke, insomnia, suicide, and last but not least DEATH. Those drugs are still considered okay, simply because your Doctor anc prescribe them and you can stop by your friendly neighborhood Wal Mart Pharmacy (or wherever) and pick them up. Your friends, your family, your church, your politicians, and all the other people in this screwed up world see those drugs as okay.

What is the logic in any of that? And when is DEATH or UNCONTROLLABLY ANAL LEAKAGE ever seen as okay? Yet the side effect of marijuana is WOW the munchies and if you consume too much sleepiness.

I will gladly admit that my journey to the enlightenment of marijuana has been a rocky one to say the least. But I have reached that point and honestly even when I was still lost in the world of the evil reefer madness I would NEVER have denies a suffering person something that would have helped.

Just as Brittany Maynard had her own personal right to choose a dignified death, should not the sick and suffering be given the same right to personal medication?

The next few blogs I will tell you of my journey to enlightenment and of the patients I have met.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas Memories

Thanksgiving is over and even Black Friday has come to an end. Now the hectic and frantic part of the year has arrived.

Christmas. As a kid you feel only the joy or at least you are supposed to only feel the joy. I remember my Mom worrying about money and the conversations with Daddy on how will they pay their taxes. But for the most part I really remember the great joy.

Probably the only thing I wish had been different as a kid was the whole Santa idea. We didn't have Santa per se, at least not like some cousins of mine. They had the whole anticipation of what would be under the tree for Christmas morning. And I kind of envied that notion. That was the reason we always did it with our kids.

Yet, Christmas as a kid was a big deal. We had our tree up by Thanksgiving and as many decorations as Mama could make or gather. It was really pretty awesome. I remember the days of the fake aluminum tree with the bright red glass bulbs and the fan rainbow light that sat under the tree. That light would spin like a fan changing colors from red, green to yellow. I would lie for hours under the tree looking up and being mesmerized by the beauty.

Then in 1969 we got our very first "green" tree. It was a shaggy little cedar tree that Daddy went out in the field to cut. By the time Christmas rolled around we had a semi-bare tree, because all the needles had fallen off onto the floor. Needless to say Mama bought a fake green tree for the next year. "No more needles in my carpet" was her mantra for years.

 When it came to our presents, well they were under the tree from nearly the time the tree went up. Still if they weren't, I was a professional gift finder and it never failed I had them found and figured out long before time to open. It was so bad that Mama finally began to label the presents funny in a code so we couldn't know who's gift was what.

That made it another game altogether and I got pretty good at it too. Christmas was all reds and greens, lights and food. Time to rejoice and have tons of family around. We all gathered at someone's house to celebrate the day as a family.

When I was really little we all placed our names in a hat and would draw out to buy a present. (Until Uncle Bill said no more he had too many kids). The memories of those presents has long faded, except for one. The bottle of Old Spice cologne.

That one bottle of Old Spice made the rounds from man to man for so many years. It was a joke to them, cause the only one who liked the smell was Ted and he was the only one who used the cologne. But he never used all of it and a partially used bottle made it's way from house to house for a few years. We all laughed so much over that crazy bottle. I wonder what ever happened to that old bottle of Old Spice? How I would love to have it.

Such fun. You would have thought that family I remember would still be having get togethers and a large part of each others lives. They may be, but I am no longer a part of that family. As I have said before I don't think I really ever was more than a bystander looking on as they celebrated.

Then as we started to raise our own family, we realized that we had spent many years only getting left-overs when it came to a holiday meal. Running to Lynn's parents before lunch and leaving before they ate, to only arrive at my family after they had eaten. So it was to Mama and Daddy's to wait of left-overs. Maybe then I should have realized when no one waited on us that maybe it was because no one noticed. Or cared.

Still my Christmas memories were wonderful. I love the lights and will forever adore looking at all the decorations as if I was a child seeing them for the first time. It is probably these memories and love of Christmas that makes red my favorite color even today. For me it is a happy color, not the aggressive one that studies claim.

But the happiness I always felt for Christmas is not the same anymore. Mama and Daddy are long gone. The one I can't name is not here, of her own choice. And Cole will never know what it is like to have Grandparents. Or Uncles, Aunts, cousins or truly a large family. That breaks my heart.

My wish for this Christmas season would be for those who have family to cherish them. You don't know when they will no longer be with you. If you don't have anyone, I pray you find someone. To be alone, truly alone is one of the greatest tragedies of all.

Those of you with children, I hope you all try to see things through their eyes. Look at the world through the eyes of a child and relish everything.

May you all have blessings everyday as we see what the season holds.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Truth: Holiday Happiness, Pain, Empty Spaces And Love

The Holidays are approaching at what truly seems to be lightning speed. Wasn't it just Christmas? I cannot believe this year is nearing an end.

For me this is such a wonderful yet difficult time of the year. I absolutely adore the holidays, I always have, but it makes me sad when I think of those who aren't here. Growing up the cooking for the big days were as much of a holiday and they were really so much fun. We all gathered at Granny's house the day before to do the pies.

Baking pies for the dinners was nearly an all day event. Each of us got our own personal pie, nobody could agree on the perfect favorite. Then the pies for the meal was baked and so many of the dishes for the next day. It was such fabulous day that was spent with the hustle and bustle of all of in Granny's kitchen laughing and baking.

Those are some of the best memories I have of Holidays, Granny was such a magnetic personality that all of the family was drawn to like flies to honey. When she passed my Mama worked to be that magnet for her family. When she passed it was the virtual end of extended family as far as my world was concerned.

That was a difficult truth for me, the truth that I didn't fit in any more. I will never forget my Dad's words after we left the cemetery that day. He calmed quietly spoke in a voice that was so adamant in the way he felt. "That was your Mom's family. They aren't ours and they never have been."

His words struck me at the core but I really didn't get the full meaning until later. We tried (I should say that Daddy and Lynn tried for me) to be a part of the family dinners they had. But no matter how hard or badly I wanted it, I didn't belong. Whenever we were at their get-togethers I felt like a wallflower at the prom.

It would not have taken a rocket scientist to see that I was not really a part of the family unit. So it was just a matter of time for me to stop putting myself in the position to be hurt by the feelings of being a third wheel.

Our holidays began to be smaller dinners with just Lynn and my family along with Daddy. We even spent a few of them at a restaurant, which we do still today at times. That is when I am not sick. Heather will be the first to tell you that for the last 4 or 5 years I have gotten the flu at the holidays. She laughs and says that I plan it.

I still love the holidays even though they are a much smaller version for my family.

The pain that Mama and Daddy (and even Lynn's parents especially his Dad) aren't here to share the day with us is so difficult that honestly no one knows how much I cry inside. And if I am honest I cry a lot into my pillow at night. The one person whom I love with all my heart just like I do Heather and Cole, but I am not allowed to use her name, is on my thoughts even more than normal.

So as I pull out the Christmas decorations and get ready to thaw the turkey, I see the empty spaces that people I love leave behind. Will that pain ever get easier? NO NO NO. It will never get easy.

All I can hope and pray for is that the ones I love who say they don't love me anymore will someday change their mind. Is it possible? I don't know, but if I don't have faith that it will, then life is nearly unbearable.

So I say Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And remember to tell the people you love what they mean to you, because this may be the last Thanksgiving you have with them.

Love to all. To my beloved husband, Lynn who is my second half. To Heather who is my darling, my daughter and my friend. To Cole who is my angel, my miracle and my little man. And to the ones I cannot name I love you and will always love you and miss you.

Extreme Preppers: The Teens' Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse by Nick Fizz ----A Mother's Pride

I have always been proud of my kids, all of them. Sometimes they may not know that but it is the truth. Having them was the best thing I have ever done, being a mother was a dream I have had from the time I was little.

As I arranged all my stuffed animals up pretending they were in a station wagon and I was the mommy taking them to town, all I ever wanted was kids.

Their accomplishments are each and every one superb in my eyes. I just want to tell everyone about Cole's new project, his first book on Amazon is now for sale.

Extreme Preppers: The Teens' Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse by Nick Fizz


 It is now available for Kindle and will be up for hard copy purchase as well. Nick Fizz is his professional name, as he says.  This is a teen's comical view on surviving zombies. I know I am Mom and well maybe a little prejudiced, but this is really cute.

 I hope everyone picks up a copy and shows this budding author some support. Get your copy today.

 Besides we all need to know how to survive when the zombies get here. LOL




Thursday, November 20, 2014

Truth: Potheads, Stoners, Hippies

Truth conversation for today is marijuana.

What a shock, I want to discuss marijuana. Any one who knows me personally knows this is a subject I talk about a lot. I mean A LOT!!!! But now seriously for a moment.

Does smoking pot make you stupid? Does smoking pot mean you are a lazy, good for nothing person?

My answer to those questions is an absolute NO. NO it does mean you are stupid.

But the million dollar question of the day is:

Should smoking pot (on your own personal time) in legal states or in legal medical marijuana states give your employer the right to fire you from a job?

A logical open-minded person would answer that question with a confident NO. Because when is anyone ever fired for using prescription drugs or for drinking alcohol on their down time? Not to anyone's knowledge, but people are being fired and condemned for their medical or recreational marijuana use. Even in the states that have voted for the legality of the issues. Still countless American  jobs are in jeopardy. Let alone the families who are in danger of being ripped apart by the continuing rampage of this War on Drugs.

The questions that are surrounding marijuana in today's society are far different from the ones of the past. Those questions of the 60's were all consuming of the term 'blooming idiots' or flower children and how lazy, non-conforming those individuals were.

In the past our country thought only a few things when the 'evil reefer' was brought into conversation. Those conversations would happen only during times of discussing the decadence of the youth and their anti-war sentiments. The Republicans and Democrats would sit back talking of how 'those' woodstock types were the ruination of the country. Only by eradicating them would we ever be the great country we were supposed to be, or so they said.

How archaic those thoughts were then and even more so today. Now only those individuals still wearing blinders are the ones not able to see that marijuana does have a purpose. Slowly we are reaching a majority of people who are for the legalization of both recreational and medical marijuana.

Here we sit in this new era where we have 23 of 50 States with Medical Marijuana plus Washington DC, so we are on the verge of breaking the majority of States. What does this tell us about the citizens of America? We are truly looking at the majority ruling, because sadly to say if this many have voted in favor we all know how many who don't vote are in favor.

Questions when will all the questions be answered? Or will the general media continue their propaganda moves to keep marijuana in a place where the average public still fears it?

As more people fall prey to the synthetic substances such as K2, spice, bath salts, and other made up names the world seem oblivious to the fact this is not marijuana. While it is true people turn to these because they can obtain them, these are not marijuana. These products are chemicals that have been thrown together in the hopes of selling a product.

The concoctions of K2 while they can be herbs that separately are proven safe, when mixed in unknown quantities become extremely dangerous. Herbs have their place, but when someone literally just grabs a bunch of stuff from a pile and places it in a bag those same herbs turn deadly. Just as the doses of any thing consumed should be regulated so should the consumption of these herbs.

K2, spice or whatever you want to call it has only gained popularity because people want marijuana. And when the original is no able to gotten they turn to whatever is handy. That does not make the substitute the original nor does it make it safe.

So while the world still focuses on the 'bad reefer' they should realize that people will react the same way they have for centuries. If they want something they will do whatever they have to get it, or what they feel is similar.

Stop the K2 and all other synthetic forms because they are killing people.

Begin the conversations about marijuana. Only through opened eyes and discussion will the veil of ignorance be lifted from the world of marijuana. Let us all move into this new era of medical marijuana and legal recreational marijuana to embrace the plant.

Free the weed, spread the word. Knowledge is power.