Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cannabis Sativa: VOL 3 Review

Reading is done with the eyes, but when you pick up a copy of Cannabis Sativa: The Essential Guide to the World’s Finest Marijuana Strains Vol. 3 you are delivered a sensory voyage that includes your sight.

Green Candy Press assists S.T. Oner in the quest of providing beautiful and informative narratives on the many different strains that fill the bowls and minds of cannabis lovers. While this book is aimed at pleasing the cannabis connoisseur in their love of this gorgeous plant, it also works to delight the public who just appreciates beautiful photography. 

The colors in the photos are so perfect you feel you can reach out and touch the plants, too bad there isn’t sniff and smell attached. That is the only thing that could make this book and the entire collection any better.

For the complete review see Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Marijuana Hillbilly Article Blast From the Past Issue-----IGNORANCE

          Sheriff cars roll up in front of a modern ranch style home in a quiet neighborhood bringing chaos to a peaceful setting. Out jumps men ready to battle the “evil” within. But as they race up the sidewalk a well dressed woman opens the door. 

          This is a drug bust.

          Today’s world consists of a completely different world of “pot farmers” than that of the 1970’s. Our modern day farmers can be from any walk of life or any profession. No longer can that pot farmer be called just a “hippie”.

          This farmers “union” consists of everything from your grandparents to the punk down the road. So why is the hysteria still growing?

          A huge misconception is spreading from State to State, that all pot grows are detrimental to the environment or the neighborhoods that they are surviving within. Yet, that is not the one hundred percent truth.

          Grows can exist in immaculately kept areas completely unknown to those around them. Which is one key rule that growers follow, keep it quiet and secret. Whether they are indoor or outdoor gardens, the growers are not in the habit of advertising their location. Ordinances are in place that regulate how much of an area is used and how it is concealed.

          Problems are occurring because of the lack of education that surrounds the use of marijuana. Neighbors are using medical gardens as leverage to persecute others don’t approve of. 

          Still it is amazing that in our modern technologically motivated society that such a stigma is staying attached to marijuana growing. No one ever stands up to complain that someone is raising a vegetable garden. Even though massive chemicals are often used, which end up in the environment. Nor do neighbors complain when the woman next door makes homemade wine.

          As with all things there are bad apples in the pot gardens, but don’t condemn the entire lot for what a few are doing. Truth lies in the fact that some houses are being destroyed in massive grows and there are also numerous grows littered across our national forests. Those are all detrimental to the environment, but they are not the only ones growing marijuana.

          So if logic were placed in these truths legislation would inspire change. Keep the pot farmers out in the “virtual” open and stop the sneaking around. If raising tomatoes were illegal do you think everyone would stop growing them? If alcohol prohibition sparked up again, would everyone stop drinking?

          No. People would find a way. That is human nature. Where there is a will there is a way. For instance, where there is a dry county and NO alcohol is sold, people merely drive to other areas. For generations teens have procured fake ID’s to allow themselves to drink, so does anyone think that will ever change?

          Same is true for those who wish to smoke marijuana. Finding it has never been the problem. Still when you look at society nearly everyone reaching the legal age to possess alcohol has consumed it in their youth. But so many never touch it again once they reach the legal age. It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that it is the forbidden fruit scenario. We as human beings have a tendency to want what we can’t have.

          Ending alcohol prohibition stopped the massive amount of illegal brewing. Could the same be said of pot farms? It is legal for vegetable gardens, but is there one in every household? Homemade wine for personal consumption is legal, but is every wine drinker making their own wine?

          Again, NO. Why? Well anyone who has ever done either of those things understands how much work and expense goes into that endeavor. Such is the same for pot farming. Ask any experienced grower and they will tell you the same thing.

          Growing pot is not just drop a seed in the dirt and wait to harvest your pounds of marijuana. There is the tending, watering and feeding to do. Tremendous amount of time spent raising that garden to full production. Let alone the amount of time spent literally “baby sitting” the plants. Then when you throw in the worry about rains and drought, well you get the picture.

          Deciding to have a medical garden or just to grow pot is a commitment not everyone is willing to make. Or at least to attempt the second time. And that commitment doesn’t even take into consideration the amount of time spent watching the Grow to keep it safe.

          Now we have come to the weird conclusion: If it were completely legal would every household have a garden?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do Dreams Come True?

Funny how things never turn out the way we dream. So as a little girl I sat all my stuffed toys out in a row pretending that I had dozens of babies. I always knew I would be a mama someday and if I would of had my way, well there would have been dozens.

But just as I would sit with my cousin and plan on how our husbands would be friends one day and we would live near each other so our kids could play all the time, things don't work out the way you dream.

Just as we take for granted that family will always be there when we need them, we also take for granted that a child will love their parents, we take for granted that friends are there when you need them, and we take life for granted.

No things don't work out the way we think when we are little, because we forget to be thankful for all the little things in life. Some so little as the water we drink.

It was not until we moved out of Missouri the first time that I realized that I had been fortunate to grow up in an area with the purest, best tasting spring water on the planet. We all took it for granted that you could go to the faucet and drink crystal clear water. Then I found out the rest of the country doesn't always have good water to drink.

The water can be brown, hard, sulphur filled, and just basically unfit to drink. So I learned fast that I had been lucky. But this is just one thing we take for granted.

Growing up you have your parents and do you ever really appreciate them or realize how lucky you are to have them in your life? Probably not. Then when the day comes that you must say goodbye forever, you long for just one more hug, one more moment with them and it is too late. Did you tell them you loved them? Did you tell them you appreciated the little things they did?

Probably not. I wish I could have one more day with Mama and Daddy, even though I never went a day without telling them I loved them. Even when I didn't want to talk to them because we were having difficulties, I still never failed to say I love you. But it wasn't enough, as if it could ever be enough.

But I regret that there were family problems that kept me from knowing my biological grandfather, I never knew things about him until it was years after he had passed. Those moments I could of had with a grandfather who loved me will never come back.

Each day we take for granted the act of living and each day we take our families for granted (it just happens). But in the world of my bipolar mind I work extra hard to remember to be grateful for all the little things.

I wish things were different in many areas and I wish part of my childhood dreams of a loving extended family were true. But they aren't what I dreamed. While there are many things I could never have dreamed that have come true.

I have been married to my best friend for almost 34 years and I have beautiful children. Maybe I only have a couple of them in my life but I love them all with my whole heart. I work each day to be the best I can and I am proud that those in my life are proud of me as well.

So for the rest of the world, I am not ashamed of me, I am not afraid to be me, and if you don't like it well that is your choice. Life is not what we dream but what we make it. So make it the best life you can and remember to be grateful for each breath you take, each hug you get and all the love your loved ones share with you.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Drama and Drama Queens Rule The World

Drama. Why do so many say they don't like drama but seem to generate more than anyone else? Life is hard enough without adding so much drama to the mix.

I know this is a subject that I talk a lot about but life really is such a difficult thing. With the suicides that fill the news we are all slapped with that reality. Life is hard.

Honestly if I hear one more person say "oh he was selfish to take his own life" I will literally scream.

We do not know what someone else is feeling no matter how close to them we may be. What is hidden in the recesses of someone's mind is the most private of thoughts. And take it from someone who has seen their share of therapists and psychiatrists, even they only know what we want to allow them to see.

It is just such a private place, our mind, that we don't always share everything. Such as the case with those who are dealing with depression to the point of ending it all. You will not usually share those thoughts with those around you nor will it be always evident in the manner you behave.

True sadness lies within not without in our appearance. Depression can be so deeply hidden that the world never notices the tears that lie just behind the eyes. Those tears that fall in the depths where no one sees them. It is that sadness that will take a person to the dense, dark depth of blackness and a place it is difficult to find your way out of.

The ones with the biggest smiles and the happiest of appearances can be harboring the darkness within their souls. So until you walk in the very skin of someone who suffers don't judge.

Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Can you see the air you breath? 

Monday, August 18, 2014

What Does Marijuana Hillbilly Stand For

Marijuana Hillbilly Our Mission Statement consists this statement very simply put.

When this world gives you lemons don’t waste them on lemonade. Crack open the bottle of patron and enjoy what you have.
Our mission at Marijuana Hillbilly Magazine and DewB Magazine are simple. We are here to make people smile, laugh and enjoy life.

Now to all those still riding along as so called friends  that do not support us just exactly what do you stand for? You need to realize that we all stand for something, whether or not you know it. Some of us are just more vocal with our beliefs.

Now is the time to figure out if you are in this fight for freedom with us or do you still have your head in the sand. No offense to anyone who disagrees with us. That is your choice, but this is what I need to do. There have been many messages of support from people who are part of this world that can't openly support us because of the 9 little letters that make up Marijuana. I understand.

Our mission as we move around this country is to continue to get people talking about marijuana in situations where they normally wouldn't talk about it. So support or disagree but the main thing is for a dialogue on the unmentionable things in life needs to happen.

Stop hiding, stop sitting in the shadows disagreeing with others, and stand up for what ever it is you believe. After all that is exactly what Marijuana Hillbilly believes. Stand up for something.

Smile, laugh, enjoy life, and remember we should be the free country we all love.

Friday, August 15, 2014

RIP Death overwhelms the Week

Life. Just four little words but they are the most precious. In just a flash of an eye they can be gone, whether it is your own life or someone you love.

Those little letters put together make up the biggest struggle most of us will ever deal with, life is not easy. No matter if you are rich or poor there are struggles that can bring us down.

Robin Williams was just one of thousands who had struggles with life that were just too much. He chose to end it all and that was his choice.

To those who say he took the coward's way out, I say you have never had to deal with that black monster called depression. No it really wasn't the coward's way it was just the only option he felt he had left.

But death seems to be in the air these last few weeks, Lauren Bacall and James Garner both died in their later years. Still death came for them. It is never easy to deal with the loss of life even when the world says they led a long life and died in their later years.

Just this week someone I had been friends with for, well many many years (let's not get picky on just how many Years) was killed in a motorcycle accident. Benny was a lot of things but the main thing was that he has left behind children. Two of them little girls.

How do you tell those little girls their daddy is gone? How do you explain to them that they will never see him again?

Truth be told there is no way to handle that situation properly you just handle it. I was a lot older than his girls when my mom died then just less than 4 years later daddy followed her. I didn't understand, I couldn't handle it. So how do little ones handle death?

For my girls when my mom died it was difficult cause Heather would ask if she could go to heaven to see her Whammy. And the little bandana that my mom tied around her neck just the day before, well the little thing wore for over a year. It still lays on her shelf in the same knot my mom tied. A price possession of a grandmother she misses.

Death. We are always told they are in a better place and I do believe in the afterlife. But those words do not help.

Nor do the words, "I know what you are going through." There are merely words people say to make themselves feel better. Because honestly no one knows how you are really feeling, no one else can feel the exact same way.

We are all different and death affects us each differently. So to the world I say RIP to all we have lost, to all we will miss, and to the ones Left Behind I say "My tears fall for you."

Life is not easy, but death is even more difficult.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review of THE KITCHEN by Jay J Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy

My first thoughts when I looked at this book was that it was the prettiest, classiest one I had ever seen. The cover shot is beautiful and the style is just amazing.

Then I moved within the beautiful binding to find a magnificent read. Not always will you find a book that is the perfect coffee table book that will add to the decor of your home, then to find that inside is truly a book to read. Wow, is the one word that comes to mind most often as you flip through the pages.

Jay Kitchen and Uncle Tweezy put together a collaboration of exquisite photography, mixed with information and technique to give the reader a full picture of cannabis. This illustrated montage of strains will provide the knowledge to grow or medicate with the perfect strain for your needs.

Coffee table books are designed to be an enhancement to our home but this one goes beyond that and enhances our minds as well.

For a full review and more on this wonderful book, watch Marijuana Hillbilly on FaceBook for details.

Thanks and congrats to Uptowngrowlab for their accomplishment.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tears Fall Behind My Smiling Face

Depression is something that fortunately not everyone has to deal with. But for those who have dealt with it, this is a very dark part of our worlds.

Tears can be both outward and inward without others ever knowing that we are suffering. Just a short few minutes ago, I learned of Robin Williams apparent suicide. This needs to mark a point when everyone sees that sadness, depression, and total desperation happens to those we feel are above it all.

Money, fame, and status does not protect the mind from depression. Those things can even be a catalyst to the acceleration of severe depression.

Living in the world of fame has left so many of our golden people feeling all alone in their existence. You do not have to be homeless or poor to be so lost you want to end it all.

Depression does not care if you have money or fame, it does not care if the world adores you. It can come knocking at any time to anyone.

For me it began when I was merely 5 years old. And at that time I began the many years of feeling like I could not handle being on this planet. I wanted to end it all so many times it wasn't funny.

Yet, to the rest of the world and my family I was a happy child with loving parents. They never saw the intense depression that overwhelmed me for years.

Tears do not always fall on the outside. They can be more violent when they are internal.

Being Bipolar or back then more simply put "manic depressive" I suffered in silence for so long. My depression would have me huddled in my closet thinking of ways to leave my life. But I didn't and let me tell you that is the hardest thing I have ever done.

Living is not easy and when dark sadness envelopes your soul it makes it that much harder.

Sure I smile a lot and I did then, but no one knows what lies behind another person's smile.
I thank God everyday for the love of my life, Lynn. He is my rock, my sanity and everything to me. Between him and my beautiful children, well the tears rarely fall inside anymore.

So the next time you take for granted that another person is really smiling, look deeper. Are they?

Depression is a sickness. It is not to be ashamed of. No matter how bad others will try to make you feel, it is nothing to be ashamed of.

I look to the sky and scream to all those who have tried to make me feel like being Bipolar or suffering depression is something I make up, "NO I AM NOT ASHAMED OF WHO I AM NOR AM I ASHAMED OF BEING BIPOLAR!!!! NO THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I AM MAKING UP!!"

And if they can't handle that then oh well.

RIP Robin Williams may you find peace now. God bless his loved ones and many condolences for their loss.

No Shame, Time To Get Our Heads Out of The Sand

Driving the Marijuana Hillbilly car across the different states is giving me a new perspective on people with their heads in the sand.

True, that when our journey began we thought things would be different. No massive cop pull overs or extreme hate. For the most part it has been love, we have had those people who literally chase us for blocks and miles just to take a picture of the car. They then tell us how they are proud for our statement to the world.

We have had just a handful who come at us with such disapproval. But within just a minute or two I can have them swayed to why we do what we do and they eventually leave us thinking differently.

The ones who rush up to give us the speech of how 'evil' we are for the word Marijuana on the car, I merely ask them if they own a gun? Or if they believe the public should have freedom to choose.

Everyone of them will answer yes to at least one of the questions I ask and then I have them. Because I reply with 'we support you in that choice'. Now it is hard to hate someone who stands up for your freedom to choose.

So don't you think it is time for the ignorant of the world to remove their heads from the sand and realize that this plant that is as organic a medicine or relaxant is not the 'evil' that we were taught.

Let us all stop the need to whisper our opinions on marijuana. If you feel it is okay for it to be legal, if you feel it is okay for someone to smoke a joint to relax, if you feel this form of medication is a great alternative to deadly pharmaceuticals, if you just feel that it is our right to choose, or if you feel it is our right to have the Bill of Rights back in our lives. Well then stand up and stop being ashamed of your opinion.

Those haters aren't ashamed of their thoughts, so why should you be?

We are all human and we all need to remember no one is perfect, but the right to choose for ourselves should not be what we are having to fight for. Let us spend the time fighting for other things, give us back freedom.

Do not be ashamed of who you are or what you believe in. Stop hiding the pothead friends on your list and stop being friends only with those you feel others will approve of. Why do you have to have their approval?

If you are friends with someone, then show it.

I am not afraid. I am not ashamed. I am proud of me. I am strong. Those who don't like it, then don't come around. Those who don't approve of the things I stand for, then stand for something yourself. Stop living with your head in the sand. Marijuana is here to stay and you need to get used to it.